SENIOR MODEL 2014 | Julia

Name: Julia Campbell

Highschool: Corbett High School

What are you involved in at school? Well, I’m not actually super involved in school. 🙂  There is a bible study every Wednesday that I love attending and I’ve spoken at once one before.

What are your hobbies? How do you spend your time? I’m currently teaching myself how to play guitar which has been super fun. I need to keep practicing though. 🙂 I love hanging out with my friends and family, playing games, dancing, singing, and making people laugh. I help lead a Bible study with a group of 8th grade girls from Good Shepard school through Wyldlife. For work, I clean houses which I thoroughly enjoy!

What is one thing your high school experience has taught you that you will carry with you forever? One of the things my high school experience has taught me is to take one step at a time. Don’t become stressed about the little things, but make a plan and stick to it. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things!

If you could go back to your freshman year, what would you do differently? Freshman year was definitely a struggle due to the homework load and teachers. If I could go back, I would make sure I made time for the things that I truly enjoyed doing. Whether it was taking time for just myself or hanging out with my friends and family, I wouldn’t allow school to control my life, thoughts, and emotions.

What is your favorite place to shop? I love Target. Lately I’ve enjoyed some good old thrift-shopping, but I always find things I like at Target.

What kind of music do you love to rock out to? Taylor Swift definitely has a song for every one of my emotions. Her music is probably my favorite to rock out to. 🙂

What are your plans after Graduation? After I graduate, I want to go to college to become a nurse. I’m not exactly sure where I want to go, but I’ll most likely stick close to home. 🙂

What is your dream job? Old fashioned I know, but my dream job is to be a wife and mom!

How was your experience with Worlds Apart Studios? What did you enjoy most? My experience with Worlds Apart Studios has been INCREDIBLE! They make sure you have everything you need for the best shoot possible. I always feel so comfortable and myself when I work with them.

Is there anything we could improve on to make your experience with us even better? Nope! You doing an amazing job at communicating with us and I always know I’m going to have fun during the shoot. Thanks for an outstanding job and incredible experience!


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  • Andrea MoffatJune 6, 2013 - 11:58 pm

    Julia, you are LOVELY! Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl.ReplyCancel