Senior 2013 | Anna

Name: Anna Juhr

High School: Sam Barlow High School

What are you involved in at school? Swim Team

What are your hobbies? How do you spend your time? I like to play the piano, be outside, and be with my friends.

What is one thing your high school experience has taught you that you will carry with you forever? The thing that I’ll keep with me forever is something I learned near the end if senior year. In ones life there will most likely be more than one “glory days.” We just have to realize that we’re in them while they’re happening so we take advantage.

If you could go back to your freshman year, what would you do differently? I would have continued playing soccer and gone to more sporting events.

What is your favorite place to shop? I don’t usually go shopping, but when I do it’s probably Salvation Army or dicks!

What kind of music do you love to rock out to? All kinds! It depends on the day. Except screamo. That just gives me anxiety.

What are your plans after Graduation? Work. Have a great summer. And get ready for U of O.

What is your dream job? If I knew, I wouldn’t still be undeclared! Actually, probably anything to do with Lions. I really love lions a lot.

How was your experience with Worlds Apart Studios? What did you enjoy most? I loved that Hannah helped me pick out outfits and told me how to pose! And I felt comfortable with her and what she had me do in the pictures.

Is there anything we could improve on to make your experience with us even better? Nothing I can think of!


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