Hannah | Senior 2016

Hannah is one of our Sam Barlow senior models! She wanted to do her session at the Zimmerman House and what a perfect evening it was! Get to know her…

My name is: Hannah

But my friends call me: Hannis
I am happiest when: I’m outdoors
I don’t always sing in the car, but when I do it’s: Every day of my life
I can beat anyone at: Rock Paper Scissors
My celebrity crush is: Zac Efron
My best feature is: My Smile
I could eat : Jimmy Johns : forever
When I shop til I drop, I shop at: Nordstrom
My signature drink is: Strawberry Lemonade
My friends & family say I’m: Crazy
I want to be : A Police Officer : when I grow up.
My favorite quote is: You Cannot Find Peace By Avoiding Life

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