Allie | Class of 2016 | Portland, Oregon Senior Photographer

I’ve known Allie forever, my sister used to babysit her and her younger brother. So when she finally got to her senior year, I had to have her on our senior model team!!! Allie has a great personality and she’s so sweet. I loved that she brought her dog and horse along for her photos. Get to know Allie…


My name is Allison(Allie), but my friends call me Sparky, because I sometimes act like a really hyper puppy.


I am happiest when I am training or riding my horse. It’s a great bonding time!


I don’t always sing in the car, but when I do it’s definitely old country music!


I can beat anyone at…what? sports? Games? oh no. no, no, no. No way! Nobody wants to see that… Does cooking count? ‘Cause I like that.


My best feature is the “passion I put into things.” (this is what friends tell me all the time.)


I could eat Kraft Mac-n-Cheese with hot-dogs cut like octopuses forever. It’s been my favorite since I was 3. I also really like lobster….


When I shop til I drop, I shop at the local tack store (because what could be better than sparkly hoof polish for a horse?!)


My signature drink is Sweet Iced Tea. But Monday-Sunday doesn’t happen without coffee. Tried to be coffee free for awhile. That lasted a week.


I want to be… a lot of things… when I grow up. Y’all just gotta wait and see! My favorite quote is, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” ~God.

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